Rent a Jet Ski for a Fun Weekend at Newport Beach

Jet Ski

Rent a jet ski for a day at Newport Beach for a fun day in the sun.

You have the perfect opportunity to go jet skiing and having a great time in the water since you live in the apartments near Newport Beach. Here are some ideal places to rent jet skis.

  • Located at 510 East Edgewater Avenue, Balboa Boat Rentals has jet skis for two starting at $105 per hour. This is a great place to go for people who are experienced jet skiers.
  • If you require a tutorial, head on over to 600 East Edgewater Avenue instead, where Balboa Water Sports can give you a tutorial. Then, if you still want someone experienced with you, you can take their guided rides instead.
  • Want to skip jet skis and just keep the jet? Like the idea of flying over the water? Try Jetlev Southwest — rentals of a water-powered jet pack that will literally take you to new heights.

So get out there — just minutes away from the apartments near Newport Beach — and enjoy a day of jet skiing. Make a great weekend you won’t soon forget!

(photo courtesy of Fifth World Art by Flickr)

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