Gear Up for the 2014 Coastal Orange County Marathon


The 2014 OC Marathon is on May 4th, and if you're not quite feeling up to the challenging full marathon, you can run the half marathon instead, or simply take on the 5K run. For the younger set there is also a kids' run, so you can bring the joy, healthy benefits and sense of accomplishment that a long-distance run offers to the younger generations. The … [Read more...]

Take a Stroll to Nearby TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa

Spend spring at TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa. Source: MorgueFile

Spring weather upon us and there's no excuse to stay cooped up inside! Just a mere mile from Madison Newport, you'll find TeWinkle Park awaiting you. It's the perfect place to go for a jog after work, or take a snack and lay out on the grass with a book. Gather up some sports equipment and friends and head over to take advantage of their great sports … [Read more...]

Neighborhood Dining Spotlight: Newport Rib Company


Our Madison Newport community isn't far from some of the best places to eat in the area. It's no trouble to find a great restaurant when you're hungry and don't feel like cooking. Next time you're in the mood for some great barbecue, check out the Newport Rib Company. It's less than a mile from home! The Newport Rib Company has been serving up the best in … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Low-Key Cinco de Mayo at Avila’s El Ranchito


Cinco de Mayo isn't far away! This celebration of Mexican culture, heritage, and pride is a terrific time to indulge in some delicious, traditional Mexican food. If you're looking for a place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Costa Mesa, why not try a dinner out at Avila's El Ranchito restaurant? This restaurant was first established in 1977. It serves up a … [Read more...]

Quick Fixes: An Easy Checklist for Cleaning Procrastinators

washing dishes

Cleaning our Costa Mesa apartments regularly is the best way to keep them looking fresh and new. If you're a procrastinator when it comes to cleaning, use the quick cleaning checklist from Real Simple to help get you started. Here are some of the cleaning tips featured on this list. Dirty dishes piled up in a sink will make your kitchen look messy. … [Read more...]

3 DIY Centerpieces That Will Transform Your Table for Any Occasion

DIY centerpieces

You can have so much fun decorating our Costa Mesa apartments. One of the most enjoyable ways you can decorate them is with homemade, all-occasion centerpieces, specifically created for a main table in your apartment. Here are three DIY centerpieces that will transform your table. Add a whimsical touch to your table with rubber band centerpieces. … [Read more...]

Moving to Costa Mesa? Print a Moving-Day Checklist


Make moving to our luxury apartments in Costa Mesa easier by following a checklist consisting of a timeline of the tasks that need to get done before you move. Here are details about the tasks featured on this printable moving-day checklist. Two months before you move, start sorting through your drawers, cupboards and closets to sort out what you don't … [Read more...]

Shades of Blue: Adding Color With Upholstery


Photo: Niche Interiors via Houzz Add personality to our apartments in Costa Mesa by decorating with upholstered furniture in shades of blue. A pop of blue color will take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are three ideas for incorporating blue upholstered furniture into your room design. Add a wow factor to a living room decorated in white … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Elements at Madison Newport Conserve Resources


If you are looking to live in an eco-friendly community, then you are certainly in the right place. Our Costa Mesa apartments feature special amenities that contribute to our green community. We work hard to help you conserve energy and water in our community. We are an Energy Star Partner, which means we provide you with the products necessary for … [Read more...]

Soak Up Some Sunshine at Our Costa Mesa Apartments’ Pool


Are you looking for a cool way to spend those hot summer days? You can always spend the day soaking up some sunshine in our Costa Mesa apartments' pool. We also offer other outdoor amenities that are great for enjoying the weather. Use our sparkling pool to go swimming, practice your water exercises or invite a few friends over for a pool party. There are … [Read more...]