Tips to Introduce a Cat to Your Madison Newport Apartment

Make your cat comfortable in your new apartment with these tips. Source: Winkser via Pixabay

If you are planning to move, it is worth knowing that our pet-friendly Madison Newport apartments are the perfect place to call home with your furry buddy. However, if your pet is a cat, you should use certain steps to introducing him or her to your new home. Before your move, you should give your cat ample time to get accustomed to his or her … [Read more...]

Indulge on Skosh Monahan’s Famous Steaks in Costa Mesa

Indulge on Skosh Monahan's Famous Steaks in Costa Mesa

One of the best things about living at our lovely Madison Newport apartment community is that there are many great restaurants nearby where you can enjoy a scrumptious meal. If you aren't in the mood to cook and happen to be craving a thick, juicy steak, there are steakhouses in Costa Mesa you can check out. The best is certainly Skosh … [Read more...]

See the Madison Newport Eco-Friendly Amenities


Are you committed to green living and lowering your carbon footprint? Then check out the eco-friendly Madison Newport amenities. Our green amenities are designed to reduce resource usage and to lower the environmental impact of our apartment community. The EcoLogic sustainability program that we developed will keep us on the right track. EcoLogic … [Read more...]

Pack a Picnic for a Day Out at the Madison Newport Picnic Area


Madison Newport BBQ and picnic area is the perfect spot for your outdoor family gathering. Here are some tips for packing the best picnic. Choose your style of food, and pick up fresh and local foods at your farmer's market. Comfort food, like cold fried chicken, are great selections for a picnic. Select a traditional wicker basket or a backpack … [Read more...]

Tips for Deep Cleaning the Madison Newport Bathroom


The luxury bathrooms, at Madison Newport apartment homes, in Costa Mesa, CA have the glimmering surfaces you expect to find in a classic home, however, you still need to ensure they are clean for health and comfort for you and your family. Looking for a couple of bathroom cleaning tips will help you keep these rooms the way they should … [Read more...]

Great Ways to Decorate the Kitchen Countertops


Here at Madison Newport, we have crafted fine apartment homes featuring a variety of floor plans and carefully selected amenities. Naturally, we want our houses to become your dream home. For many, the kitchen can be the most difficult room to add a personal touch. Give your kitchen a simple makeover through kitchen countertop decorating. Often … [Read more...]

3 Foolproof Ways to De-Clutter the Walk-In Closet

3 Foolproof Ways to De-Clutter the Walk-In Closet

Having a walk-in closet is a great feature, but if you can't keep it organized, it defeats the purpose. Here are some walk-in closet organization tips to deploy in your Costa Mesa apartment. Consolidate: At least a few times a year, you should take the time to go through your closet and figure out what you still want to keep and what you just don't wear … [Read more...]

Super Tips to Clean Out the Pantry

Super Tips to Clean Out the Pantry

No matter how clean the rest of your home is, your pantry is probably unorganized. Generally speaking, with all of the shuffling and activity from the items in your pantry, it's hard to keep it in an orderly fashion. Here are some tips for cleaning the pantry in your Costa Mesa apartment. Take inventory: The first step should be to clear out your pantry … [Read more...]

3 Practical Uses for Coconut Oil at Home


Coconut oil has continued to gain popularity for so many different things recently. Our residents at Madison Newport Apartments have discovered at least 3 home uses for coconut oil besides its wonderful aroma. Hair Conditioner: Do you suffer from static electricity or frizzy hair? Just put a light coating of room temperature coconut oil on … [Read more...]

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with a BBQ Party


With summer coming, it is time to get ready for the outdoor party season. Here are some tips for hosting a BBQ party at home: Spice up traditional recipes Many guests love the basics, and you can't go wrong with burgers and hot dogs. Put out a full table of condiments, and let each person make their own combo. Cans only Cans are easier to … [Read more...]