Get to Know the College Park Costa Mesa Neighborhood


Our Madison Newport Apartment Homes are located in the always happening Costa Mesa. Whether you're staying in the community complex or hitting the town, there's plenty to keep you occupied and having fun. Here are just a few things to do in your Costa Mesa neighborhood. Stay in: There's a ton of fun to be had right in our apartment community. Take a … [Read more...]

Visit Newport Beach’s Sixth Annual Lobsterfest


Seafood lovers rejoice because the Sixth Annual Lobsterfest at Newport Beach takes place later this summer. You'll want to mark your calendars for Sunday, August 10 when Lobsterfest in Newport Beach takes over the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina from 3 to 8 pm with a smorgasbord of delicious food, drink, and festivities. On the menu is all … [Read more...]

Best Italian Dishes at Alforno Caffe Restaurant

al forno caffe

There are many great restaurants that are located very close to our luxurious Madison Newport apartment community. This very well may be one of the deciding factors in choosing our apartments when you are looking to move, especially as you can find many different types of cuisine to enjoy. If the best Italian in Costa Mesa is what you are craving, then look … [Read more...]

Taste of Newport: The Flavors of Southern California

flavor experience

The world famous The Flavor Experience food festival is returning to Newport Beach August 4th through 7th. This highly anticipated event has the culinary world abuzz with excitement once again as the flavors of Southern California take center stage. The beautiful summer days of California turn to star-filled skies at night while fantastic aromas of the … [Read more...]

Register for the Adventure Run in Costa Mesa

running shoes

Whether you run or walk to stay fit, or do it just for fun, you'll want to register for Costa Mesa's Adventure Run. This scavenger-like race is a fun filled running/walking adventure, thoroughly enjoyed by residents of Madison Newport apartments, and one of the most celebrated "free" running events in Costa Mesa. On the third Thursday of every month you can … [Read more...]

Green Living: 5 Common Items You Shouldn’t Recycle

bottle lids

In this day and age, nearly everybody has put at least a little thought into doing their part to save our planet, and each month more and more households start to recycle. However, it is possible to recycle too much. Make sure you don't find yourself recycling these five things in your eco-friendly Costa Mesa apartments this year: Any containers … [Read more...]

Decal Headboards Can Add Focal Point to Bland Bedroom

decal headboards

Photo via Houzz When decorating your apartment, it's important to make it feel like your own personal space and to have a home that suits your lifestyle and needs. However, you also want to ensure that you abide by the landlord's rules and avoid leaving permanent damage to the property. A great way to introduce personal style to your bedroom while following … [Read more...]

3 Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables That Still Look Chic

kid-friendly coffee tables

Photo: Tara Seawright via Houzz Madison Newport, our Costa Mesa apartments, offers you prime location in quality of life for you and your family. Children are always little busy bees and on the go. A coffee table can be a hazard. Here are a few ideas for child friendly coffee tables. Round coffee play table: This coffee table comes with five star … [Read more...]

Beyond Cocktails: 3 Refreshing Uses for Homegrown Mint

mint dos

One of the easiest plants to grow in your Costa Mesa apartments at Madison Newport is mint- it comes in several different varieties, all of which have beautiful fragrant leaves. It grows very quickly under the right conditions, so if you have some mint growing in the container garden on your balcony, you're probably interested in learning about new … [Read more...]

Open Spaces: Using Mirrors to Mat Photos at Madison Newport


Looking for a great design idea that will improve your home decor? Why not put on new spin on the mirrors in your home by taking advantage of the following idea at our Costa Mesa apartments at Madison Newport. A great new trend in interior decor techniques that can help you to mount your favorite works of art is using mirrors as picture mats. This technique … [Read more...]